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Status of Society (Excerpt)

Article 2: Aim

The aim of the founding Society, in the form of a civil, non-profit society and non-governmental organization, is the moral and material support of archaeological excavations, researches and related work which are undertaken by the University of Ioannina on the island of Salamis, mainly in the areas of Kanakia, Ginani, Peristeria and Maroudi, with an emphasis on the research, study and promotion of Prehistoric and Protohistoric monuments and sites, including neighbouring islets and underwater sites; also, the intellectual advancement of its members and the presentation of the historical part of the island and the enrichment of its particular cultural and historical identity in every suitable way.

The aims of the Society are chiefly realized by:

1. Provision of moral and material support for the organization and implementation of excavations and researches on Salamis , for the protection and promotion of the antiquities and for the study, drawing, photographing, recording, publishing, conservation and restoration of monuments and movable finds.

2. Organization of lectures, scientific symposia, exhibitions, guided tours, educational projects and other events aiming at the promotion and presentation of the antiquities of the area and the intellectual advancement of the members of the Society.

3. Support of presentations of the results of the researches and studies in scientific symposia/conferences by members of the excavations or other scientists; also the defrayment of travelling and residence expenses in Greek or foreign institutions for research on the Salaminian sites.

4. Economic support or scholarships for students specializing in excavation techniques and in issues of study, conservation, promotion etc. of the antiquities in Salamis ; also of experts or colleagues (archaeologists or other scientists).

5. Creation of offices, common rooms and library of the Society and of archives of the excavations and other research activities.

6. Publishing of newsletter/journal and/or calendar, entitled "Akamas", for the presentation of the results of researches, the work in the area and the activities of the Society; also the edition of books and the production of CDs, DVDs, documentaries and the creation of a web site.

7. Cooperation with other similar Greek or foreign societies and corporations which share the same issues of development and promotion of the cultural identity of Salamis with the present Society.

8. Foundation of societies, unions etc. with the same aim.

9. Acquisition of property (by benefactions, subsidy, sponsorship etc.) in Greece or abroad.

10. Construction of necessary buildings, warehouses or other structures for the realization of the present aims.

11. Purchase of essential equipment (instruments and other material) for the progress of the field research and the conservation and study of finds.

12. Payment of expenses and of special laboratory analyses of finds in specialised centres in Greece and abroad.

13. Employment of scientific, technical, working, administrative and auxiliary staff to assist in the smooth performance of the activities of the Society.

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